I want to travel but I don't have money !!


Ever wanted to go on a cool trip but felt like you couldn't because of money? Yeah, it happens to a lot of us. But guess what? It's not always necessary to spend a lot of money to travel. In fact, there are tricks to explore the world without emptying your piggy bank. This article is all about showing you how to make your travel dreams come true without stressing about money. So, if you're ready to pack your bags and set off on an adventure without worrying about breaking the bank, stick around – we've got some awesome tips coming your way!

In this article on budget travel planning, we'll discuss ways to cut costs on flights, lodging, transportation, and other expenses. The easiest method to achieve the inexpensive trip you've always desired is to identify exactly where you're spending the most money when you're taking a trip and then apply our advice to help you save in that area. But we've got you covered if you don't know where to begin!

I want to travel but I don't have money !!

How to travel on a budget - The 7 best cheap travel tips

    1. Set a realistic budget and keep track of all your expenses

    Making a vacation budget is the first and most crucial thing you should do. Ultimately, how can one travel on a budget if they are unaware of their budget?

    Create a travel budget before you depart. Determine how much money you are willing to spend overall on the vacation and then make decisions about what purchases are worthwhile. You are free to arrange your journey any way you see fit. Set priorities for the things you want to see and do to avoid wasting money or time on things you don't find as important.

    Since you'll need to keep track of your trip spending even if you're simply preparing, this is one of the finest ways to travel on a budget. You can actually keep track of your travel spending in a lot of practical ways. I adore the Travel Spend app since it allows you to rapidly enter spending, even while you're on the go, works offline, and instantly converts foreign currencies into your local currency. It also makes it easier for you to stay within your budget, and you can divide travel costs with your fellow travelers.

    2. Prices research in advance

    Do your homework before making any purchases if you truly want to travel on a tight budget. By doing this, you'll be able to stay away from fraud and overpay.

    You may be overcharged for everything from street food and taxis to lodging and shopping, even when exchanging currencies. To find out how much things cost abroad, look for inexpensive blogs on travel. If you are visiting a nation where the local currency differs from your own, jot down the most common exchange rates so you can remember them quickly (e.g., how much 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200 USD is in the local currency).

    3. Learn to accept discomfort

    Cheap international travel is rarely equal to comfortable or stylish travel. To travel on a shoestring, you will have to learn to live with discomfort as you will be taking low-cost flights, using shared restrooms in motels, and using buses.

    • Get comfortable with discomfort

    Become accustomed to flying extremely early or late and to cramped seats. You might "spend" the money you save on discomfort, so try to mentally prepare yourself in advance!


    It's critical to adhere to your budget now that you've created one. Being adaptable with your trip's dates and destination whenever you can is one method to do that. When you're arranging a low-cost vacation, it may also be very beneficial to be open to trying out different accommodations, modes of transportation, and even cuisine. However, if you want to save as much money as possible, concentrate on being flexible with dates and destinations.

    4. Find the cheapest destinations to travel to

    If you want to see the world but have a very tight budget, consider choosing a more adaptable place.

    You can find low-cost flights with the use of websites like Kiwi or Sky Scanner. Simply select "everywhere" as your destination and the website will display the least expensive places you can get to from the airport closest to you. Don't limit your search to the location with the cheapest flights, though. There are many other costs associated with traveling besides airfare, such as lodging, meals, tours, and attractions, so you should also find out how much each location will cost for these additional fees. Traveling to Southeast Asia or South America may be more costly than traveling to a nearby nation, but don't forget to factor in the daily expense of living there as well.

    Keep in mind that the tourist destinations that are most in demand also usually have the highest prices while you're organizing your low-cost vacation. Seek out less expensive options that aren't as well-known yet while they're still affordable.

    5. Seriously book your visit during the lowest travel time

    Being flexible with your travel plans to take advantage of off-peak travel periods is one of the best methods to travel on the cheap. This flexibility is essential to finding affordable travel since travel will always be more expensive during the busiest travel seasons.

    Although it's not always possible to be flexible with your trip dates, consider allowing yourself to do so on services like Kiwi or Sky Scanner to see if there are any particular dates when flights are typically less expensive. Off-peak periods of the year extend beyond the off-season.

    Additionally, try to avoid traveling on holidays, weekends, and other days when a lot of other people are scheduled to travel. Considering that early morning flights are typically the least expensive, you might even want to consider taking them. Below, we'll go over some more detailed advice on finding inexpensive flights.

    Although flights are typically one of the more expensive parts of a vacation, you may definitely locate inexpensive flights for your next inexpensive international trip. I advise researching flights thoroughly rather than grabbing the first one you come across.

    6. Airline search websites are the best choice for cheap travel

    Finding your flights should be one of your first steps when organizing a budget holiday. Instead of visiting the official airline websites, I usually advise using search engines. They can perform a much wider and more varied search for you, saving you a ton of time and assisting you in finding the greatest offers. Additionally, prices on airline official websites are frequently higher.

    Sky Scanner and Kiwi are two excellent search engines for flights. Because it lets you set up price alerts for price cuts and display the cheapest days to fly during the month or months you intend to visit, Sky scanner is fantastic. Kiwi can also assist you in locating some excellent deals on flights. The nicest thing about them is that they can build multi-airline itineraries, which are less expensive than using a single airline to book a ticket. Kiwi is the website I use most often to arrange inexpensive travel because not many other search engines will aggregate flights from several airlines to offer you the best deal.

    7. Buy your plane tickets at the right time

    My recommendation is to not wait until the last minute to find the best offer, even though there are occasionally last-minute deals on flights. Although it could be alluring, it's best to plan your vacation in advance and begin searching for tickets several months before you depart. The more time you have to hunt for the best offer, the longer you have to look for one.

    The Hopper app can assist you in determining the ideal time to purchase your tickets. To advise you on whether to book your travel right now or to wait for prices to go down, the app builds a graph of flight costs and analyzes it. If the software advises you to purchase your tickets today, do so immediately as costs will likely increase if you wait.


    Now you don't need to say I want to travel but I don't have money because traveling doesn't have to cost a fortune! From finding cheap tickets to staying in budget-friendly places and exploring lesser-known spots, we've shared plenty of tips to make your travel dreams a reality without busting your wallet. Remember, the world is huge and there's so much to see and do – and you don't need loads of money to enjoy it all. Therefore, don't let money be a barrier to your next vacation; begin preparing it now and get ready for a fantastic trip without having to worry about it. Happy journeys!


    1. Can I really travel on a budget?
    Absolutely! Traveling on a budget is totally possible with smart planning and some money-saving tips.

    2. How can I find cheap flights?
    By being flexible with your vacation dates, using ticket comparison websites, reserving in advance, and subscribing to airline emails for promotions, you can find cheap airline tickets.

    3. Where can I stay without spending too much money?
    Look for budget accommodations like hostels, guesthouses, or budget hotels. You can also consider options like Couchsurfing or Airbnb for affordable stays.

    4. Are there any tips for saving money while traveling?
    Yes, there are plenty! Some tips include cooking your own meals instead of eating out, using public transportation instead of taxis, opting for free or low-cost activities, and shopping at local markets for souvenirs.

    5. What are some affordable destinations to visit?
    All across the world, there are lots of reasonably priced places to go. Popular choices include South America (like Peru or Colombia), Southeast Asia (like Thailand or Vietnam), Eastern Europe (like Hungary or Poland), and even domestic locations with reasonably priced options.

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